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Hey Hey Hey! It’s Our Birthday!
14 Sep, 2012   | by:   | Posted in News

First Anniversary Blog Brunch


It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, we were launching our (old) site and prepping for our first Blog Brunch. The things we’ve learned, people we’ve met and inspiration we’ve gained from the Blog Brunch Community in these short 12 months has forever changed us for the better. From the relationships built at cocktail hour parties, to the monthly online tweet-ups, we thank you for welcoming us into your Saturday morning routines and becoming such strong advocates for our mission and the members of our growing community. The executive members of our staff want to thank our interns (Jessica, Olivia and Margaret), photographers and stylist for volunteering your time, energy and expertise to our project. The next year holds so many wonderful and exciting things; we hope you stay with us!


- Katie, Megan and Amy





    Alex Musetti

    Happy birthday! I think you do a great job, thank you!


    Yay! Happy Birthday, Blog Brunch! I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned through the monthly chats and all of the amazing friends and blogs that I’ve come across as a result! xoxo


    Happy Birthday! You are so welcome, I LOVED being a part of the team! :) Looking forward to more chats in the future!

    jenn | scout.

    congrats sweet ladies! SO much has happened in just a short year…so proud of all that you’ve done to connect the blogging community! can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves next! much love! xoxo!

    Christie Jones

    Wow what an accomplishment! Blog Brunch has changed my life as a blogger – thank you for all the work that you put into this! <3

    Kristin B

    Hey hey hey! Happy birthday to our dear blog brunch! I love the connections and interaction the community provides, and am so glad your creative little brains were working extra hard last year to hatch the idea! Here’s to an awesome year 2! :D
    x K

    Emily Jeffords

    Happy Birthday Blog Brunch!! It’s pretty amazing that in one year blog brunch has grown it what it is today. This group has brought some awesome people into my life and has really helped me as a blogger. I’m so bummed everytime I miss a brunch and love looking over the recaps each time. Great advice and wisdom.

    Love it!!

    Thank you!
    Emily Jeffords

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